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Inquirehire has provided background investigations for Iowa School Districts for over 10 years. We are thoroughly familiar with the state requirements for teachers, bus drivers, contractors and volunteers. See Iowa Requirements.


Inquirehire is cognizant of the fact that school districts are facing economic difficulties. Therefore we have aggressive pre-built Iowa School packages that meet all requirements.

Specialty Features

Inquirehire has features available that are advantageous to school districts to expedite the background process:

  • QuickApp
    Employees or candidates can be sent a link to sign a Disclosure & Authorization form electronically. Saves time and effort especially for those remote candidates. Learn More.

  • Batch Ordering
    When multiple reports are needed, HR departments have the ability to upload a spreadsheet containing all the names and personal identifiers as oppose to data entering each name. Learn More.

  • Vault Verify
    A NO COST service that handles your employment verifications which saves time and money for HR departments. In fact, Vault Verify pays the school district each time a verification is made. Learn More.

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