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In 1994, Inquirehire was originally formed as a division of James M. Sweeney & Associates, Inc. a firm specializing in the investigation and prevention of criminal activity in the workplace and employee misconduct.  The founders, James and Joan Sweeney both graduated from St. Ambrose University and went on to successful careers in law enforcement and sociology. 

In 1997, Inquirehire, Inc was spun off as an independent company, creating a preventative strategy to help employers avoid costly and painful hiring mistakes by providing background checks.  Inquirehire became an early adaptor of new technology solutions designed to optimize the hiring process.  Inquirehire began offering additional hiring tools including reference checking, assessments, drug testing, and eventually applicant tracking systems with the intent to automate the entire process. 

A dedication to service, education, compliance and innovation has pushed Inquirehire to over 2000 clients in 48 states.  Inquirehire customers site responsiveness as key determining factor in their satisfaction with the relationship.