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Screening Services

Identity Verification

Social Security Number Verification
The search may reveal a simple clerical error, or a more serious problem such as identity theft. If the search does not reveal a valid social security number, the remaining search elements will be held until the social security number can be verified.

Social Security Number Trace
Once all jurisdictions have been identified the client will have the option to extend criminal or civil searches to additional counties which have been identified. If there is a significant different between the applicants reported jurisdictions and the social security trace results, it may indicate a problem which should be investigated further.

  • Content Based SSN Verification (CBSV)
  • CBSV is a web-based interface directly to the United States Social Security Administration
  • Master Files and Death Indexes. A CBSV inquiry provides official validation of the social security
  • number, name, date of birth, gender and death indicator. The search provides an instantaneous
  • response of “successful”, “unsuccessful”, or “deceased”.

Criminal Background Check

County Criminal Record Search
A search of court records for each county of residence is conducted. Counties to be searched may be identified by the job application, the social security number trace, or by the employer. The search will yield data on court cases filed, charges filed, conviction data, and case disposition. This is a fundamental search for investigating criminal backgrounds.

Statewide Criminal Record Search
This search provides a complete picture of an applicant’s records at the state reporting level, which may contain data not found at the county level, and encompasses all counties within the state providing a more comprehensive search. The statewide search offers an additional layer of security to the recruitment process.

Nationwide Criminal Database Search
This nationwide search contains records from multiple data sources from all 50 states including Departments of Corrections, state courts, law enforcement agencies, traffic courts, county courts, and prison parole and release files. It does not include all criminal records but does cast a wide net and provides an extra layer of security to the background process.

Registered Sex Offender Search
This database search is conducted for all applicable states which report and release sex offender data.

Federal Criminal Record Search
A search of court records in federal judicial districts is conducted. Jurisdictions searched include the applicant’s current and previous jurisdictions of residence. Reports will include court, case number, date filed, charges filed, conviction date, and disposition.

Federal and State Civil Record Search
Federal and state jurisdictions are selected based on the applicant’s current and previous addresses. Reports include court, case number, date filed, complaint filed, plaintiff, defendant, date of disposition, and disposition.

Global Report/Federal Agency Restricted Lists
A name search is conducted in a database comprised of U.S. and foreign sanctions and several federal agency restricted lists that pertain to banking, health care, and other industries.

Credit and Driving History

Credit Report
A credit report will be obtained from one of the national reporting organizations. Tax liens, judgments, and civil suits will be noted. Employers should always follow state regulations regarding the use of credit reports for employment purposes. Credit reports should only be used where credit history is clearly relevant to the job in question.

Motor Vehicle Records
Reported information includes infractions, disciplinary actions, issue date, expiration date, status, and restrictions. Driving records may be a good indicator of alcohol or substance abuse, or expose a pattern of ignoring safety rules and procedures.

Driver’s License Continuous Monitoring

Companies should take great care to determine if personnel operating company owned or non-company owned vehicles during the scope of employment are continuously operating in a safe manner.   A best practice is to implement a Continuous Monitoring Program to ensure a driver is not or has not demonstrated risk associated behaviors that should prevent the employee from becoming an Authorized Company Driver. The Continuous Monitoring Program serves to provide scoring and alerts related to all drivers placed in the pool of monitored drivers. In lieu of continuous monitoring, another best practice is to at least review an annual MVR.

Education and Professional Certification Verification

Education Verification
Educational institutions, provided by the applicant, are contacted to determine degree completion, dates of attendance, class ranking and GPA. Transcripts will be obtained upon request.

Professional Verification
License verification is conducted with the appropriate regulatory body. Validity and current status of the claimed license is reported. Disciplinary action, if present, is reported.

Medcheck – Medical Fraud, Abuse, and Sanctions Check
A search will be conducted across 800 state and federal sources which list health care related exclusions, terminations of license, suspension, revocation, probation, and deportments. Medcheck is the single most comprehensive database available to the health care industry, and is an essential component for all health care related hiring.

Non Profit Volunteers
The Safety First program is a low cost national search designed specifically for organizations that rely heavily on volunteers. The search contains purchased data from all 50 states. While the data may not be as complete as a thorough criminal background check, it does provide a sufficient check for certain types of volunteer organizations.

Many churches and other non-profit groups have found this program to be effective for their volunteer staffed programs and initiatives.

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