Hire Better.


See a brief VIDEO on a great system for expediting and automating onboarding new employees.

Inquirehire Onboarding takes the paper out of new hire paperwork, streamlining your new hire onboarding and allowing new hires to get on the job fast. Our system can be accessed from any internet capable device, including mobile phones and tablets. Your new hires can quickly and easily fill out their new hire paperwork from any location at any time with our simple onboarding solution. The HR staff electronically receives submitted forms to review and manage. Once approved, all forms can be archived and stored securely, and can be viewed in PDF format or printed as needed.

Key Benefits:

  • Impress your new hires and reinforce their decision to accept your job offer. A good first impression leads to more engaged and productive employees.
  • Eliminate redundancy and repetitive activities by consolidating information from forms so that it’s only entered once.
  • Always use the most current forms, (including I-9, federal and state W-4). Our system automatically updates them so you always meet compliance requirements.
  • Save time and money with a truly paperless onboarding solution.

To demo our onboarding system or learn more, contact solutionsupport@inquirehire.com.