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Video Interviewing


The Wedge video interviewing system enables the employer to build interview templates for their job openings using a library of pre-built questions, and the employer can augment this with their own custom questions. The employer controls the amount of time allotted for each answer, and the applicant can have the option for a “re-take” of their response. The completed interview video is stored for viewing by recruiters and hiring managers on their own schedule. Video Interviewing is available as an integrated feature with Inquirehire’s ApplicantList ATS system, or it can be purchased as a standalone solution.

Key Features:

  • Candidate retakes – can be used for any interview, but are especially helpful for replacing phone screen interviews.
  • Sharelink – a tool that makes it easy to share the completed video with multiple employer reviewers and decision makers.
  • Public Job URL – a tool that helps employers easily invite multiple candidates to interview via email or through an ATS system.
  • Interview Download – to MP4 files when there are security concerns with links.

Key Benefits:

  • Convenience and Flexibility – 1-way interviewing allows applicant to record the interview on their own schedule, and the employer can review the interview on their own schedule.
  • Seamless Candidate Experience – no app download is required, and applicants can use a computer, tablet, or smartphone to record their interview.
  • Efficiency and Speed – recruiters can reduce phone screen time as much as 75%, leading to shorter time to hire and lower costs per hire

WEDGE is a game changer and saves our HR team hours on each hire and enables us to identify the best candidates quickly so that we put the right people in front of our management every time.

Jack Blaeser, President, Masspay

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