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Get digitally screened negative results in 5 minutes— allowing you to hire employees today. Multiple panels available.


Amphetamines 1000/500
Cocaine 300/150
Marijuana 50/15
Opiates 2000/2000
PCP 25/25


Marijuana 300/300
Cocaine 300/300
Amphetamines 300/300
PCP 300/300
Opiates 300/300
Barbiturates 300/300
Benzodiazepine 300/300
Propoxyphene 300/300
Methadone 300/300
Methaqualone 300/300


The perfect workplace drug test solution

  • Dependable: the urine drug test screens up to 10 illicit and prescription drugs (plus specimen validity test)
  • Automated: an electronic chain of custody form sheds the reliance on burdensome paper forms
  • Fast: test results available in 5 minutes and communicated electronically
  • Powerful: the application gives you access to real-time event status and result reporting
  • Flexible: Created as the ideal pre-employment solution for workforces of all sizes
  • Expedited: make faster hiring decisions with same day results, hiring your top candidates before your competition


Advanced automation to process the details of the random program

  • Custom donor pools
  • Real-time status notifications
  • Onsite management tools
  • Program compliance visibility
  • Automated escalation notices
  • Consortium for 49 or fewer employees


ePhysical® examination services Improve administrative management of DOT and non-DOT physical exams, and return employees to work faster.

  • An electronic form for physical exams
  • An online pre-exam patient health history form
  • Optional clinical review for adherence with DOT regulations

I appreciate you being proactive at communicating this information and your quick turn around on any inquiry that I send. Your service is fantastic!

Tonya Gross, Human Resources Specialist, Libertyville Savings Bank

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