Hire Better.


QuickApp allows Inquirehire clients to initiate orders by entering the applicant’s name and e-mail address. The applicant then receives an instructional e-mail and link to an online application. The online application is customizable and includes a disclosure authorization, digital signature, and input of the applicant identifiers on a secure SSL encrypted Internet connection.

The applicant may then enter his or her own information after which the application is submitted and ready for processing in Inquirehire’s background check system. Clients find great value in this feature as they can eliminate data entry processing time and focus on greater priorities in their business. Clients concerned about collecting sensitive personal identifies such as DOB will appreciate the protection afforded by having the applicant perform the data entry.

QuickApp drives compliance, is user friendly and Inquirehire provides this unique feature at NO COST. For more information contact solutionsupport@inquirehire.com.