Hire Better.

Automated Solutions

Our world is moving rapidly and is connected in ways never imagined. In this connected world, employers, candidates, and new employees need real-time access to information with integrated systems that provide efficiency, consistency, and compliance throughout the process.

Sophisticated and user-friendly hiring automation systems help employers make a great first impression on candidates and new hires, while improving employee turnover rates, employee engagement rates, and employment brand awareness and image. Our hiring automation systems include:

  • ApplicantList – Recruiting and Applicant Tracking System
  • Competitive Wedge – Video Interviewing System
  • 321Forms – New Hire Onboarding System

ApplicantList provides more quality applicants with sophisticated integrations with the most popular job boards and social media sites. Employers can easily communicate with applicants via email or text. Your top candidate can accept a digital offer letter. Robust reporting includes the required self-identification EEO data.

Competitive Wedge is a video interviewing solution that can be purchased stand-alone or integrated with ApplicantList. Competitive Wedge enables employers to create video templates for their job openings and invite applicants to complete the interview with any computing device. The flexibility of video interviewing saves time for both the applicant and the employer, leading to a more efficient hiring process.

321Forms is a new hire onboarding system, that can be purchased stand-alone or integrated with ApplicantList. The system enables new hires to complete government and employer-specific forms online, while ensuring compliance and accuracy. Forms are stored for future reference as needed. Onboarding creates new hire efficiencies and make a positive first impression with the new hire.

Hire Better. Work Better.