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Reference Checks

Inquirehire partners with SkillSurvey to provide the most effective way to collect important information about a candidate’s work history. The SkillSurvey Professional Reference Check is a web-based professional reference gathering tool designed to help employers obtain comprehensive and objective professional reference information about an applicant without the time and expense of phone calls. Employers can expect to receive up to 8 comprehensive work history evaluations on their candidates in 1 or 2 business days with no time-consuming or fruitless phone calls.

Key features include:

  • User-friendly web-based design
  • Functionally specific questionnaire library
  • Confidential process for reference providers
  • Produces a comprehensive 360 degree peer and manager review of the applicant
  • Manager and non-manager responses reported separately
  • Automatic reminder system for applicants
  • Automatic reminder system for employers
  • Comprehensive work history reporting
  • Side by side candidate comparison reporting

Businesses looking to improve their reference check process and reduce the time it takes to complete this process need this product. These reference checks get richer more actionable feedback and spend 92% less time.  Integration is available with your applicant tracking solution to make it even easier.  SkillSurvey has the only job-specific survey library developed for hundreds of roles, whether you’re hiring a sales role, customer service, accountant, retail worker, healthcare worker, RN or leadership role.  This has become an integral part of our own hiring process.

Jim Sweeney, President, Inquirehire, Inc.

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